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Bio-Enzyme Treatment

A solid Bio-Enzyme contains specially selected multi-cultured bacterial strains to perform in a wide variety of applications (4 billion CFU’s per gram).

It is very helpful for degrading organic waste in grease trap, waste water tank, septic tank & sewage treatment plant.

In Johor, through the use of bio-enzyme treatment, we solved numerous water quality problems.

We Solved High COD & BOD Problem for Discharge Water
We solved the overflow problem at Grease Trap & Manhole

Remove harden grease from piping & grease trap

Comparison in between Before & After Bio-Enzyme Treatment

Reduce the Odor Problem from Grease Trap & sewage treatment system

Syscorp Water (M) Sdn Bhd provide a wide range of specialist services to the needs of the Industries world wide range especially in customized:

a. Waste Water Treatment Plant

b. Large Grease Trap

c. Portable Grease Trap

d. Septic Tank

e. Sewage Treatment Plant

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